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Posted On 14 Feb 2014
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Common Names | Lonicera

The delicious sweet scent of Honeysuckle will fill the garden when this plant is in full bloom. The tubular flowers are a favorite of hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. Plant near a patio or deck where the fragrance and the variety of visitors to this vine can be enjoyed close up. Honeysuckle is a vigorous grower and should be pruned freely to maintain the desired size.

Flower Colors: Yellow and Orange
Average Shipping Size: Height: 42″ inches
Available Container Sizes:
6inch7inch8inch10inch12inch14inchHanging Basket

Plant Name Honeysuckle
Bloom season Spring to early summer
Light exposure High light
Climate 40 – 90 Degrees
Watering Low
Fertilizer Spring
Planting tips Trellis, arbor, fence
Origin Northern Hemisphere