Ficus Lyrata Standard
Ficus Lyrata Standard
Ficus Lyrata Standard
Ficus Lyrata Standard
Ficus Lyrata Standard
Ficus Lyrata Standard
Ficus Lyrata Standard

Ficus Lyrata Standard
(Ficus lyrata)

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Pot size: Large - 10"
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I need lots of love
Bright indirect light
Pet Friendly
No. Not really my thing
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22"- 30" tall (with pot)

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Know me

Get to Know Me

Native to western Africa, I come from the banyan fig family. I am also know as a 'fiddle leaf fig'. I can grow into a stunning architectural statement in any home or office, reaching 6 to 10 feet tall and showing off my large shiny leathery leaves. I flourish in one place, but I hate drafts. 

I can help you reduce stress
I will boost your productivity to the roof
I can help your home look beautiful
I will help you remove toxictoxins from the air
How to take
Care of me
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60 to 85° F. Keep me away from cold drafts, air conditioning or heating vents, and hot surfaces like radiators or furnaces.
Allow soil to dry out slightly between waterings. Water using distilled water. You also can leave tap water sitting out for 24 hours before using to allow chemicals to evaporate.
Use a liquid or houseplant fertilizer at half strength. Fertilize me monthly during the spring-summer growing season.
If you notice spider mites, mealybugs, or whiteflies, gently wipe them off with a 50/50 mix of soap and water.
You can prune leaves in spring to create a bare trunk for a tree-like shape. Don't remove more than 5-10 leaves at a time to avoid shock.
Repot me when I outgrow my pot or if roots start to peek out of the drainage holes. Choose a new pot that is 2" wider with plenty of drainage holes.

I love light—lots of it. You can turn my pot slightly once a week to make sure my leaves receive equal light. Water me by soaking me and letting the excess water run out. Then let the top few inches of soil dry out before watering me again. Dust my leaves with a damp cloth to keep me looking great.


Each one of us is unique, so I might not look exactly like the photograph. Embrace me for who I am! When I arrive, gently remove me from the box and introduce me to my new home. Check to make sure my soil is moist after the journey